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See why sales are up or down — no data science resources required. Unsupervised automates analytics to track KPIs, and reveal super-specific insights driving performance.

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When Campaign is Black Friday and Referring Channel is Google Ads and Landing Page is Gadgets 2022

Avg Order Value

Avg Order Value72% more than overall

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Get Straight to Why

Get Straight to Why

Cart conversions, transactions, clicks…KPIs are always moving. Unsupervised AI shows you why automated insights delivered in plain language.

Automate Your Analytics

Automate Your Analytics

Stop clicking through endless reports, tables and dashboards. Get explorable detailed analysis, not just charts.

Find the Reasons Why

Find the Reasons Why

No more wondering “what works?” Unsupervised takes retailers and eCommerce deeper than standard “intelligence.”

Start digging to arrive first

Step by step

Build a strong sales strategy providing data that identifies all the opportunities to define the best channels to sell products and services, allied to operations that guarantee the quality of the chain and value proposition.

Data Strategy

The main challenge in favor of benefiting from the power of data in guiding and conducting sales strategies and tactics is the real perception of the journey and experience of your target audience. Allowing a clearer definition of the objectives and experiences on where can and should act.

Data Strategy

Data Search

The integration of all existing information in a company's ecosystem allows marketing and sales to be guided by data that provides dimensions, metrics and evaluations that guarantee knowledge of the market, its target audience and the framework of its value proposition.

Data Search

Data Analytics

With data-driven strategies and tactics, intuition diminishes allowing focus, purpose and relationship with the right customer at the right time.

Data Analytics

Make the better decision.

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A Microsoft platform easily integrated with Office universe to track powerful data-based metrics.

A Salesforce platform to simplify data preparation, analysis, governance, and visualisation.

A Google Cloud platform with real-time data dashboards for high-level insights.

Bespoke solutions for clearing your path toward better business decisions.

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