Data Strategy

Data Search

Data Search

Data-based path toward better decisioning


Meet consumers or potential consumers, drawing a profile that brings together their psychosocial characteristics, values, beliefs, habits and behaviors.
Data obtained implicitly, through the consumer’s digital consumption, and/or explicitly through the consumer’s own reporting.


We developed a user research technique which it is possible to follow all digital movements or observes how customer use a product or service within their natural environment.
Data obtained by ethnography, think-aloud tasks, card sorting, usability tests, user history monitoring, user data tracking and/or tasks elucidation.


We can show all the metrics about the brand’s performance and how the market is perceiving it. By combining various consumer feedback techniques, at different times of their contact journey with the brand, it is possible to have an overview of the image, reputation and engagement that the brand provokes.
Combined data from business performance and market research, applied in each brand touchpoints (website, social media, email, stores, deliveries, etc.).


Learn about the human resources of the organizations allows not only to optimize measures to increase productivity and motivation in the workplace, but also to retain talent and minimize recruitment costs.
Data obtained by HR performance metrics and applied research techniques, as surveys, round tables conversations, comment box analysis, among others.


We provide a landscape that collects and organizes actionable information from competitors, such as, website metrics, target audiences, product pricing shifts, social media performance, news coverage, sales evaluation, business indicators, online jobs postings and its domains.
Aggregate and integrate data from web metrics, distribution channels, social media and published reports.


Collect numbers of campaigns and marketing actions, on and offline, in order to create a return on investment vision and move towards an autonomous marketing logic.
Data obtained by the performance of online channels and the impact on offline channels.


Combining the collection data of market environment, competition, consumer behavior and profiling, macroeconomic indicators and world trends it is possible to create a panel of projections and predictive analysis to be the first to arrive and live tomorrow.
Using regressive analysis, temporal series, machine learning, artificial intelligence and integration with trends platforms.