HR analytics for
talented employees

Know your workforce, its characteristics, needs and desires. At the same time, find out how the supply and demand market develop in the different roles of your company and position your benefits according to the benchmark.

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Discover your talent

Discover your talent

Compile the main characteristics, attitudes, relationship rates, impact of the benefits and satisfaction of people with the company. Be brave!

Know the gaps

Know the gaps

Know how your competition is operating to better defend and retain your talent. Be bold!

Measure your productivity

Measure your productivity

Introduce indicators of performance and KPI achievement, qualitative and quantitative, by teams or individuals. Be strong!

Start digging to better tell who are you

Set by Step

Align your HR strategy with what is measurable and integrate data from inside the organization with market data. There company can walk to be an employer branding.

Data Strategy

Supporting your HR strategy on data is reviewing past decisions, realizing the negative points and refine the approach. This makes the recruiting, retention, progression and evaluation process more informed, eliminating wasted time and focusing on the points that really matter.

Data Strategy

Data Search

An holistic, integrated analysis that is not myopic to what the competition and benchmarks are doing. We only know if a good number is really good if it is better than another comparable one.

Data Search

Data Analytics

Describe the numbers through graphs and comparability analysis, which are generated over and real time. For informed and assertive decision-making and improved your employer branding.

Data Analytics

Make the better decision.

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A Microsoft platform easily integrated with Office universe to track powerful data-based metrics.

A Salesforce platform to simplify data preparation, analysis, governance, and visualisation.

A Google Cloud platform with real-time data dashboards for high-level insights.

Bespoke solutions for clearing your path toward better business decisions.

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